Lionel David - Poster "Still life with spray can no. 2"

Lionel David - Poster "Still life with spray can no. 2"

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You can find more of Lionel David here .

Handmade stencil, still life with spray can no. 2

18 colors - spray paint on 200g/m2 Hahnemühle paper A4

Limited edition of 10 pieces.

Numbered and signed.

Without frame.

Each piece is unique and will have small variations in accuracy and color as all layers are applied individually by hand.

Hi! I'm Lionel, freelance artist from St. Gallen. My style is characterized by the combination of photorealism and graphic elements. I am mostly inspired by nature and often paint plants and animals. When I'm not working outside with the spray can, I also like to paint on canvas with a brush or cut stencils by hand.

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