Josephine Weber - picture on aluminum dibon "Evelyn N°2"

Josephine Weber - picture on aluminum dibon "Evelyn N°2"

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You can find more of Josephine Weber here .

Dimensions: 28x21cm
Real photo print (Fuji Crystal Archive matt) on Alu-Dibond.
Each picture is hand-signed on the back

Dibond consists of two 0.3 millimeter thick layers of aluminum thermally bonded to a polyethylene core

Josephine Weber completed her studies at the HyperWerk Institute at the University of Applied Sciences for Art and Design in Basel in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts.

The focus of her artistic and photographic work is primarily devoted to self-portrayal, the mise-en-scène of people in front of the camera. In her bachelor thesis she dealt intensively with portrait photography, selfies and the staging of several shootings. For a year she has also been dealing with the topic of #GirlGaze and the representation of women in photography. Josephine Weber recently became self-employed and moved to Zurich from her home town of Basel. She works digitally and analogously and, in addition to her artistic work, also takes on commissioned photographic work.

Instagram / Facebook übernimmt die Rolle als Vermittler und ist die direkte Stellvertretung der Künstler*In