Tens - Poster "Drippy Bird"

Tens - Poster "Drippy Bird"

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Design: Tens

Edition: 50 pieces, signed and numbered

Format: DIN A3

Printing: screen printing

Print colours: black, gold and iris print with two tones of turquoise

Paper: down print Natural 300g/m2

The work of Manuel Rohrer aka Tens is characterized by his characteristic typography. Tens has been under contract with the WeArt Gallery since 2017, which has helped him to exhibit in Bern, Munich and Hamburg. Tools and mediums vary widely – depending on the project, Tens paints with an aerosol can on masonry, brush and pen on canvas and wood, with ink on paper and as tattoos under the skin. As a father of two children, Tens lives and works in Bern.

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