Arion Gastpar - Card Original Linoprint "Golden Wine - Petrol"

Arion Gastpar - Card Original Linoprint "Golden Wine - Petrol"

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Format 11.6 x 17.1 cm

Deckle edge, 300 g/m2

Natural white, acid-free and age-resistant

The card comes in a white paper bag with a hand-printed logo

Please note:

Since all lino prints are handmade originals, the prints differ from one another. You will receive a unique lino print, however it may differ from the sample image.

Arion Gastpar is a self-employed illustrator and mediator and works in her studio in St. Gallen. She has been a collective member of the Grabenhalle St. Gallen for many years and a founding member of the NGO 'aid hoc' (humanitarian aid for people on the run). In 2020 she completed her Bachelor of Art Education specializing in Aesthetic Education and Socioculture at the ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts.

In addition to digital and analogue illustration, Arion has been working intensively and passionately with the technology of linocut printing for two years.

Your personal works - whether as prints, embroidery or illustrations - are socially critical and deal with socio-political issues such as equality, self-determination and feminism.

Homepage / Instagram übernimmt die Rolle als Vermittler und ist die direkte Stellvertretung der Künstler*In