PANG - Tote Bag "Lee Lee"

PANG - Tote Bag "Lee Lee"

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Serigraphy 2 colours

38x42 cm

Natural 200g/m2

100% Organic Cotton

Water based in ink

My name is Audrey. I am a graphic designer, illustrator and teacher in Geneva. I draw under the name of PANG.

In this project, I draw humans. Mostly women. Just because they inspire me. Sometimes met, sometimes imagined, it’s through their body and their posture that I express myself. Drawing allows me to crystallize the memory of a dream, a moment or an emotion. The issue of the body and identity has always questioned me. My travels have allowed me to observe how bodies express themselves through different cultures.

Represented with a minimalist line, these women do not want to say too much and prefer, rather, that we guess them, that we observe them and that we write their story.